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Boost the popularity of your LIVEs on TikTok to get more followers, viewers and gifts

Join Atomik Agency in less than 24 hours


Fill out the registration form


A member of our team will share your profile with TikTok to assess whether you are eligible to join the agency.


You will receive an invitation directly on your TikTok app if your profile is validated. Once you accept the invitation, you will be part of the agency!

What is a TikTok Live Agency ?

Imagine a TikTok Live agency as a cool organization that works with TikTok to support creators have more visibility during their LIVEs and get more followers, viewers and gifts.


Get extra coins at the end of the month with our agency bonus


Get access to TikTok Live Studio to stream from your PC


Take part in official TikTok events and campaigns


Training with the best LIVE experts on TikTok


Participate in our exclusive agency competitions


Benefit from matches against European creators


Get your TikTok stream key for OBS Studio
(14 days processing)


TikTok Live Feature even without the 1000 followers


Protection in case of exaggerated or unjustified BAN


Join a TOP agency with a great community

Join Atomik!

Atomik is a TikTok Live Agency located in both the United States and Canada that supports creators by providing access to LIVE Studio and key stream for OBS Studio.

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