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Stream your next LIVE TIKTOK on OBS Studio

OBS Clé de Stream
TikTok OBS Studio
OBS key stream

Keep your stream set up

You don't need to migrate all your OBS scenes to LIVE Studio. By joining Atomik, we can save you time and you will continue streaming on software you already know.

Exclusive access to your stream key

Only creators in an agency can have the opportunity to stream on TikTok with OBS Studio. Our agency gives you access to your stream key so you can enter it on OBS Studio!

TikTok Multi Stream

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • How to download TikTok Live Studio?
    1. Visit the official TikTok Live Studio website. 2. Download TikTok LIVE Studio (latest official version). 3. Launch LIVE Studio and log in to your TikTok account.
  • What are the conditions to get TikTok Live Studio?
    Here are the conditions to get your TikTok Live Studio access without an agency: 1. Have not received a ban in the last 30 days. 2. Have a TikTok account for at least 30 days. 3. Have conducted at least one 30-minute LIVE session. 4. Have 1000 followers if you are a gamer or 10,000 followers if you are a non-gamer. By joining our agency, we can get you LIVE Studio even without reaching the minimum requirement of 1000 followers (gamers) or 10 000 followers (non-gamers).
  • What are the requirements to have OBS Studio?
    Currently, it is very rare to be able to stream on TikTok with OBS Studio without the help of a TikTok Live Agency. We invite you to join Atomik to get your streaming key and stream on OBS Studio. 14 days processing before having the OBS stream key.
  • Is it mandatory to have a stream key?
    You don't need a Stream key to stream with TikTok LIVE Studio. In fact, LIVE Studio automatically detects your LIVE because you connect to the software with your TikTok account. You only need a stream key if you want to stream on TikTok with OBS Studio. Atomik can get you this stream key within 72 hours.
  • Why should I join your agency?
    Here are some benefits you'll have with our agency: We grant you access to LIVE Studio and OBS Studio even without reaching 1000 followers. We assist you in configuring and setting up your LIVE. We explain how the software works to make you independent. We answer all your questions whenever you need assistance. We help you customize your LIVE Studio with our partners.

Join Atomik!

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